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Hey followers and non-followers, just another reminder that all of my activity will be moved to I’ll post a few more reminders through the end of the week, and then discontinue posting on this blog. If you’re interested in continuing to follow me, get scootin’ over to that new URL.
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Costume Design, The Teamaker, the younger Hyacinths (yay i did a thing) (boy i hope you like hearing about the thing)(i don’t edit these things)

Hey followers and non-followers, just another reminder that all of my activity will be moved to I’ll post a few more reminders through the end of the week, and then discontinue posting on this blog. If you’re interested in continuing to follow me, get scootin’ over to that new URL.



Roll Call, Scorpions of 2013
(the scorpions are ideas) (this is what you’re in for) (hi, my name is Olivia)

Hey followers and non-followers,

Posting up the sketch of my (end of) 2013 roll call of main characters. My walls are full of them, but these four lead the four stories that will appear most often on the blag. From left to right:

Jubilee Skin, adorable incarnate, anthropomorphic albino ball python feature reporter who uses her innocuous position with press benefits to write and leverage pubic opinion for pieces she publishes under a pen name. She gets involved with the ringleader of her city’s organized criminals. Crime drama follows.

Ritunani, gargoyle, created under mysterious/supernatural circumstances and sat aware but unmoving for decades. She becomes animate after witnessing the kidnapping of bishop of her cathedral and embarks on a search to solve his disappearance. She enlists the help of a fake psychic who was trying to work with the police on the case. Crime drama/supernatural drama follows.

The Teamaker. Global desolation and freezing of a version of Earth that was technologically advanced and magical prior to the catastrophic event has left a miniscule fraction of the Earth’s population alive by 1925. The Teamaker, an unusual man with uncommon enhancements, moves across Europe looking for people he wants to help. Hive-mind/-life cats, witches, tsunamis, horrifying bears, armies from a never-colonized African countries, and secrets to immortality follow.

Myra, imaginary friend in a world where imaginary friends are tangible and operate as second-class citizens. Myra appears as plush/puppet-like and possesses tremendous imaginative power. She has been physically and emotionally abused by her real friend (creator), Carl, since childhood, and after becoming pregnant by another imaginary friend she met by chance Myra is forced to flee with her best friend to save herself and her babies from Carl’s escalating violence. The first part of her story is depicted in my short student film, Codependent (tw: depictions of domestic abuse at link). More depressing shit, exploration of themes of abuse framed with a fantastical setting, worldbuilding, and imaginary babies follow.

Oh man I hope you’re interested. I’m interested. (run)


Hey followers and non-followers,

IF YOU WANT TO SEE WORK/ACTIVITY FROM ME, INCLUDING POSTS ABOUT PUPPETS AND MYRA, YOU SHOULD SIDLE ON OVER TO WALLSFULLOFSCORPIONS.TUMBLR.COM.Aside from some asks and my constant ticking up of my Liked posts counter, I haven’t been upkeeping this blog. Sadly, trying to manage a semi-professional online image just really did not come naturally at all!

I’ve started up Scorpions to relieve me of worrying about my image as a Real Director. See above post for a taste of what I’ll be posting. I’ll also be posting stuff about whatever the fuck else I abruptly start working on, fanart, and pictures of my hamsters.

Apologies for letting this fall to ruin! Come over here and let’s be pals, for real this time.

"Codependent" (2013)

Presented without comment, but with trigger warnings for abuse and violence. Content warning for coarse language. May be inappropriate for children.


Hello everyone!

For those of you who cannot make it to the premiere, I have queued a post with the link to the film. I don’t have time to do anything real nice for the post, so it will be presented straight and with minimal comment. I will be happy to answer any questions or comments after this evening, though. I so, so, so hope you get something out of the film.


"Codependent" is (almost) done!


So I had some problems for about a month but everything is A-OK.

Yesterday I finished up a “final” cut for Codependent, though that is not true because apparently I exported it compressed and it needs to be redubbed properly because of problems with the levels in my original recordings (Audacity and a shitty mic are possible to use, but it would probably take longer than I had time to give it to smooth it out).

I want to get it uploaded on Saturday or Sunday, but if I run into trouble with exporting the file in the proper way then I may be unable to until Tuesday.

Will get back to the bliggity-blog in due time. :B Hope you’re all doing well!

Not much in posts or reblogs because of travel (I should have had the forethought to queue a few things), but yesterday I was settled and went to campus to begin editing my film.

I didn’t edit for very long.

I wasn’t perturbed when 2B Take 1 had me in it. Take 2? Well, I was getting used to positioning. We did other takes for a reason. Skip to Take 5. And there, behind Myra’s shoulder, is very clearly visible Olivia in her bright pink tracksuit.

I just don’t even know. I priced equipment for the remake for an hour and then went home instead of editing. I had sweet dreams of scheduling days upon days of shooting and sitting around with my crew between scenes, watching the dailies. (Not really, I think I had a nightmare about being eaten or something, but I did daydream about it.)

I’ll be cutting for most of today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Shouldn’t have any more little surprises.

Artists’ Own

Max, my mother and I went down to downtown Lafayette yesterday afternoon, found a wonderful co-op gallery/gift shop called Artists’ Own, and happened upon an interactive mural on its last day! I added the more abstract werewolf profile, and Mom drew the little blue girl with blonde hair above the piano and piano player. Max paced back and forth, not knowing what to draw, and then I found him expanding on the werewolf-on-the-wall theme. :B The medium was those big, honkin’ Sharpie paint markers.

The gallery really was wonderful, and anyone in the West Lafayette/Lafayette area should check it out. The fact that it is one part higher-end, exhibit-based gallery and one part (neatly divided) gift shop with a wide range of pieces that are more affordable/practical/gifty is especially nice. I picked up a new pen that I’m in love with and a print (links to the print on Etsy) from Zach Medler (links to his blog), who was also the artist who chatted with us, coincidentally.

The “First Cut” Myra.

Pals! Bumping up the character and lore post to tonight to do a quick visual update on the Myra that was used for the Codependent's first cut.

Both of Myra’s hands are completely posable, three fingers and one thumb. Both are made by using 18 gauge aluminum wire, wrapped in a medley of t-shirt and turtleneck fabric, and then covered in Myra’s fleece skin. Seen here. The rod for her arm is a piece of a metal hanger, attached with glue, thread tightening the hole, and angel tears.

This is the Myra we had for the film, as seen in the production photos. Damn if I don’t feel like the luckiest girl in the world, having her on my arm. She was a hassle to work with because of all her cheats that had to be kept in mind and the faulty, short rod, but she consistently photographs well and manipulates easily once I have her in position. The shirt and was a work-around I used to cover up her unfinished stomach, arms, and left hand. Though I intend to create a new model for Myra for the next iteration of the film (sewn, not glued!), I would like to polish this Myra so that she can be taken out and acted with easily in the future.

I like to help Myra smile for photos, even if she’s got few reasons to smile in her film.

In preparation for a comprehensive post on the movie-finished Myra, here are her hands in progress! Check the captions for details.

Lycrael, she says it's called: Production! "Codependent" Reshoot. 



Good afternoon, pals.

Codependent’s second day of shooting happened yesterday and I met much success.


(Photo courtesy of Adam Weatherford, my sound-man-for-the-day. Pictured is myself with Myra and my DP-for-the-day Laura Head. Also featuring Max’s splayed legs on the left — he was still…

I love puppetry! I’d love your final film when it’s finished!!!!

Thank you so much for your support! I’m the most worst and don’t know how to respond to answered questions (even though I see people on my dash do it all the time…) so I’m going to also thank you here for the comment on Myra. :B Yes, when this cut is finished I’ll upload it to YouTube for public view.

It’s really awesome to meet a fellow puppeteer-in-the-making! I scrolled through your page a little and I saw Little Amy — is she yours? There’s a picture of an ostrich puppet having her way with some Cheerios on that Flickr… would you believe that’s the exact model of puppet that Myra is built over? xD

Production! “Codependent” Reshoot.

Good afternoon, pals.

Codependent's second day of shooting happened yesterday and I met much success.


(Photo courtesy of Adam Weatherford, my sound-man-for-the-day. Pictured is myself with Myra and my DP-for-the-day Laura Head. Also featuring Max’s splayed legs on the left — he was still in position for when I had him controlling Myra’s right arm.)

Myra’s body and arms were impermanently covered by a shirt in order to get around what remained incomplete, even after the extra time was given. Though not a perfect design, it allowed her to function just fine for the purposes of this cut.

The shoot was a lot of fun, despite the dire tone of the film. Of course, they didn’t have to listen to Max (as Carl) screaming at Myra for as many takes as my normal crew, which was probably good for morale. :B




(More photos courtesy of Adam.)

Myra’s height fluctuated, but given my inexperience with puppetry we found that it was sometimes necessary in order to frame the shot and keep me out of it.

My film is due on March 21st, if I remember correctly. Though I’m enjoying a few days of post-filming reprieve (it’s Spring Break for crying out loud! ;-;), I’ll be crying over Premiere tutorials before the week is through.

I’m much more upbeat about the whole production. Though I’m dying to begin pre-production on the next (final?) iteration of Codependent (which may feature a completely fresh, from-scratch and not from-ostrich Myra) I’m a lot less hasty to brush this one under the rug in the process.

I’d like to compile a post tonight about character, extended universe, and the specific story in Codependent later tonight. I feel it’s a bit out of order and most people coming into the blog are probably confronted with posts that presuppose knowledge about the production, but, you know, [various excuses about me not knowing what the fuck I’m doing].

Thanks for your time.


(Myra taking a snooze beside me right before I followed suit.)

Keaton Henson - Small Hands

Puppets by Jonny Sabagh


Myra Progress!

Myra, a 20-year-old imaginary friend who is also pregnant (not pictured: belly full o’ babies). Her face is finished now, aside from one detail that I just got the yarn for on my way home today. See, I had one side of her face, the “jowl” of sorts, FAR lower on her left side and didn’t notice until it had been affixed, so now I need to sew a little scar onto her to justify the crescent stripe of glue. I’m using pinkish yarn to make the scar — you can see where it will be on the fourth photo.

See, I’m a bit of a hack — I had no idea how to make the puppet I wanted to make. So Myra is built over an ostrich puppet, from which I kept her inner mouth (though I was thinking of giving her a tongue for the final version later this year) and eyes. You can see part of it poking out by the elbow — that area isn’t covered yet because I’ll just be putting her pregnant belly over that in the next phase anyway.

She has teefs (I’ll probably make a Myra’s teeth appreciation post at some point, because I love them), all of which are hand-sculpted out of clay.

I’m a hack #2: I have no idea how to create and sew a puppet skin from scratch, so Myra is “sculpted” by clever use of Liquid Stitch on her fleece skin. I hear that glue doesn’t really work well for puppets that you want to have last, but I’ll be gentle with her and hopefully she’ll stay with me as long as possible. I do intend to make an older, “new mom” (no longer pregnant) Myra puppet, and then one much older than that (30s-40s) for projects in the years to come, and by then I should hope that I could hand-stitch them together. :B

Her hair is made with extensions (I believe they were to make pig-tails) that I cut from their clip, one of which I curled into a spiral to make her bangs, the other lies flat down her back (to be affixed down the spine after I finish the belly phase). It’s a little unruly (see picture 2, before I noticed) and doesn’t really fit the concept of her hair exactly (picture 4 is closer), but I’ll try as many things as I can to style it that won’t endanger the condition of the puppet.

Update on the first draft of Codependent: I have been allowed to reshoot the shots that have Myra in them on this coming Tuesday, which means a) no animated Myra, yay! and b) maybe I will not die inside when people see this draft of the film. The second/final draft later this year is still my next project even though this draft just got a significant improvement.

Edit: Draft? Remake? Cut? I feel like I’m editing a manuscript more than a film. It’ll be all new footage, but a “remake” implies this thing I’m making now stands on its own. Hm.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? <3?

I make various things.


As it turns out, time gets away from me when I actually come into work.

Hi, my name is Olivia Quirk. I created this Tumblr in order to conveniently follow other blogs and to, when I finally started a project, have a hub for my work. I started drafting a short film in late December for a class I’m enrolled in for the Spring semester, and a over a month and a half later I realize I should probably have started my blog now.

Sorry, hi.

Above, myself and my puppet (and  protagonist) under construction. As of this afternoon she actually has some tentative skin on her face over the foam-and-shaved-ostrich base seen here.

I make various things. Right now, I’m making a film about an imaginary friend named Myra who is trying to escape her violent and possessive real friend.

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